Five minutes with Graham Drummond, Head of Communications

graphics with Graham Drummond

What do you enjoy most about working at the Fair Tax Foundation? 

It’s important to me that my work contributes towards a positive change. I find great satisfaction in working with, and promoting, the businesses that have gained the Fair Tax Mark. They’ve accomplished something tangible and real – an independent accreditation that allows them to show their stakeholders that they’re doing the right thing on tax. Celebrating that with them is immensely rewarding.

Corporation tax contributes to positive social and economic impact, and the diverse range of certified companies our team has the pleasure of working with know that too. They’re as proud of their Fair Tax Mark as we are, and that feels good.

Tell us about a recent highlight 

Is it cheating if I say the whole of last year? We went through so many changes – a new organisation name and brand hierarchy, moving to a bigger office, growing the team and expanding the Fair Tax Mark to multinationals based anywhere in the world. It was hectic (in a good way) and there were some fundamental aspects of communications we had to unpack and figure out, not least around our transition to becoming an international organisation. There were more than a couple of occasions I forgot to put ‘UK’ in front of ‘government’ or ‘councils’ on social posts, for instance! 

What did you find the most challenging when you joined FTF? 

Before joining I worked for 14 years for an organisation promoting plant-based eating, so I had to adjust to a very different landscape and I can’t pretend it was a simple, instant switch. There were lots of similarities too though – my former organisation also accredited companies, ran an awareness week and engaged with a huge variety of stakeholders, all key parts of my role here too. While I was there, I was lucky enough to contribute to the tidal wave that propelled plant-based eating in the mainstream. It really feels like tax justice and responsible tax conduct are on the cusp of doing the same and that was one of the many reasons I joined the Fair Tax Foundation, despite the challenges of changing my focus.  

What do enjoy doing outside of work?  

I’ve got two young kids and a dog so home life is often chaotic but fun. I love video games and I’m a big fan of metal and its many subgenres, so if I catch a sliver of free time I’m usually playing something or catching up on new music.  


You can reach Graham on +44 (0)161 503 8019 or