As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we need to charge a fee for our assessment and accreditation services. This allows us to cover our costs and grow the Fair Tax Mark.

Our fees have been benchmarked against comparable ethical accreditation schemes.

Annual Turnover Fees (+VAT)
Less than £250k £250
£250k-£1m £500
£1-6m £1,000
£6-25m £2,000
£25m and above* £4,000-12,000

*Fee varies depending on the nature and complexity of your business

For businesses of £25m turnover and above, the fee quoted will be based on the nature of your business and the relative complexity of assessing it.

All fees will be discussed with the business before contractual letters are issued.

For businesses with turnover of under £1m, the fee is paid in one single instalment of £250. 

For businesses with turnover of over £1m, we split the fees between:

  1. Assessment, including suggestions for improvement to secure the Mark
  2. Accreditation, and the issuance of a licence to use the Mark for one year

So, for example, a business with a turnover of between £1-6mn would pay £500 for an assessment and (if warranted) a further £500 for an annual licence to utilise the Mark.

Should your company have a turnover of over £1m and wish to commission assessment-only, we would charge only the first instalment.

Please get in touch with us to discuss matters further. We treat all enquiries in a confidential manner.