Tax Justice Sunday launched

Church Action for Tax Justice logoThe newly formed Church Action for Tax Justice is calling on churches across the country to adopt June 17 as Tax Justice Sunday, as part of Fair Tax Fortnight.

Launching the initiative, Reverend David Haslem, the Secretary of Church Action for Tax Justice, said: “Tax Justice must be one of the key mission imperatives for Christians in today’s world. How else can we possibly move on towards a more equal world, where all God’s children are fed?”

“Church investors have been rightly publicly critical of the failure of the fossil fuel companies to accept international norms on how to combat climate change. It is to be hoped they will now be as outspoken about the need for especially the banks to be far more rigorous in examining from where money comes and to where it goes.”

Churches are encouraged during Fair Tax Fortnight, or soon after, to highlight the mission imperative of tax justice in their Sunday services. Worship materials are available from and there is more on Fair Tax Fortnight from

“A few weeks ago the Vatican’s representative at the UN Human Rights Council called for, “stronger policies around public budget transparency, responsible lending and borrowing, securing greater development protections, stronger debt restructuring policies and fiscal strategies that curb tax evasion and corruption.” The Vatican document says political powers are too influenced by “the large amounts of capital in their possession”. We should ensure the same does not apply to the Churches.”

The Fair Tax Mark’s Sam Al-Hamdani, added: “We are absolutely delighted to have the support of Church Action for Tax Justice for Fair Tax Fortnight. Faith groups have been crucial to the growth and success of many social movements, everything from Fairtrade to socially responsible investment.”