UK accountancy firm The Numbercrunchers gains the Fair Tax Mark

The Numbercrunchers has today secured its first Fair Tax Mark accreditation, the gold standard of responsible tax conduct.

The Numbercunchers is a UK accountancy firm producing unaudited accounts for limited companies, sole traders, partnerships and social enterprises. They offer general tax advice for sole traders & small business including preparation and filing of self-assessment, VAT and corporation tax returns.

As a qualified accountant myself, it’s great to see an accountancy firm like The Numbercrunchers joining the growing list of Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses. As part of the accreditation process, the company have published their first Fair Tax Mark Statement. This details a new tax policy which commits them to shun tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning, while also upholding the same pledge in terms of advice that they will offer to their clients. In addition, the Statement includes a numerical current tax reconciliation and accompanying narrative, which explains in user-friendly fashion how much tax they have paid and why.– said Greg Yates, our Senior Accreditation Manager.

Howard Smith, Founder and Director, and Gaynor Hutton, Business Development, shared some insights on their accreditation.

As an accountancy firm, what does Fair Tax Mark accreditation mean to you and your clients?

“We work as a small business accountant in Cirencester and have always seen tax as a positive contribution to our local services and wider society. We believe it is important that we align ourselves with the values we hold as business owners of an accountancy practice and the Fair Tax Mark accreditation is part of that process.

“We openly demonstrate that we pay our own taxes at a fair rate to find customers that share our common values. For our clients, we ensure all the correct reliefs are claimed in the way they were intended, but fundamentally we believe when you are doing well you should pay your fair share of taxes and so do our customers.

“With a common approach, our clients see The Numbercrunchers as the safe pair of hands that we are, we will not put you at risk and all our records can withstand scrutiny of any investigation. Our clients pay the right amount of tax and at the right time, keeping them ahead of the game and giving them peace of mind.”

What motivated you to secure the Fair Tax Mark?

“We use the services personally that our taxes provide – from Covid protection, education, police, fire, ambulance, they have been there for us when we have needed them. From my birth to old age dementia with my parents today, I could not cope alone and want to positively contribute to a system that cares and will be there for us all. The Fair Tax Mark for us is a badge of pride.”

How did you find the process?

“We applied for the small business accreditation by simply letting Greg and Jaime know we wanted to proceed. After that we gave them our last three years accounts and were guided through the assessment. They then helped us prepare a statement for our web site and that was it, job done. We will encourage our clients and others to do them same.”

The Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme seeks to encourage and recognise businesses that pay the right amount of corporate income tax at the right time and in the right place.

Businesses carrying the Fair Tax Mark include listed PLCs, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses. A Fair Tax Global Multinational Business Standard was launched in November 2021, enabling multinationals headquartered outside of the UK to be accredited for the first time.

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