Fair treatment from Newark Osteopaths

By March 13, 2018News

An ostepath at workNewark Osteopaths joins a growing list of companies that have achieved the Fair Tax Mark, putting them alongside AMT Coffee, The Co-op, Lush Cosmetics, Richer Sounds, Scotmid, and Unicorn Grocery.

Richard Livings, Project Manager of the Fair Tax Mark said: “We are delighted to welcome Newark Osteopaths to the Fair Tax Mark, the UK’s accreditation scheme for businesses paying their fair share of corporation tax and reporting on their practices transparently. Today’s announcement means Newark Osteopaths are giving their customers a certified promise that their tax practices are at the leading edge of best practice.”

“Recent scandals where companies have been exposed as tax avoiders have resulted in boycotts and outrage. It’s vital that companies of all sizes stand up and show that paying their fair share is important, and it is great that Newark Osteopaths have done so. The Fair Tax Mark is a positive way for consumers to easily identify responsible businesses; companies that pay what they should, not what they can get away with.”

Newark Osteopaths has been providing the highest standards of care for over 25 years, with a specialized team of four osteopaths making it the biggest osteopathic clinic in Nottinghamshire. In becoming a Fair Tax Mark business they further boost the number of Fair Tax opportunities for consumers across the UK, which includes supermarkets, banking, phone and broadband provision, coffee, travel services and pharmacies. You can find these businesses at www.fairtaxmap.com which enables you to opt for companies paying their fair share.

The issue of ‘fair tax’ rose to prominence as it emerged high profile businesses had been avoiding paying corporation tax. Estimates of the UK’s tax gap (the amount of tax collected versus what should in theory be collected) vary wildly. HMRC says it is £36bn, but tax campaigners and other experts believe it is closer to £119bn. Of the £36bn, HMRC reports £3.7bn is missing corporation tax.

Richard Livings continued: “It’s essential that business plays its part and contributes to the public purse. Poll after poll of the UK public has found that ‘tax avoidance’ is the clear number one concern when it comes to corporate conduct – people understand that avoidance means less money for schools, hospitals and social care. It also harms our economy; because when bigger businesses avoid paying their fair share, responsible competitors are disadvantaged. Supporting Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses like Newark Osteopaths is good for all of us. We hope many others will follow their lead.”